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Chutneys, Pickles & other Things!

Ottervale Chutneys and Pickles

We stock a range of the fine award winning products from Ottervale, locally produced in Devon. 

Producers of the celebrated Devon Onion and Pineapple Chutney and Devon Fire Chutney, Otter Vale Products make a whole range of delicious hand-made gluten free chutneys.

Their products are made from the finest ingredients with no artificial colours or flavouring. They are hand made using ingredients sourced locally wherever possible

They also make a delicious range of savoury jellies also produced with local produce wherever possible.

Rose Farm Preserves

Rose farm specialises in making over 100 traditional chutneys, sauces, preserves and dressings.

Ingredients are carefully selected to produce many unique local and family recipes made by hand in open pans.

We always keep a wide range of these unique and special products in stock - treat yourself next time you visit

Shropshire Spice Company

To continue the theme of stocking only quality and natural products, we also keep in the excellent range of stuffings and coatings from the Shropshire Spice Company

The Shropshire Spice Company is today perhaps best know for its range of Gourmet Stuffings. Offering imaginative blends such as Sage, Red Pepper & Shallot as well as family favourites such as Sage & Onion, using only the finest quality, natural and wholesome products.

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