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Dairy Produce

Local Cheddar Cheese

We stock a traditional cave-matured Cheddar cheese, supplied by Hawkridge Farmhouse Dairy Produce. This is a locally made cheese which has been matured in the caves at Wookey Hole.

About Hawkridge

Hawkridge Farmhouse Dairy Produce has been based in the heart of the rolling Devonshire countryside since 1976. Hawkridge are proud to support and work with local quality artisan producers, through to national and international suppliers. The environment is paramount to the daily business, with care and due diligence exercised at all levels to protect and preserve the beautiful Devonshire countryside.

Local Castlemead Free-range Eggs

As well as providing free-range Somerset chickens from Castlemead, we can also supply their fresh free-range eggs! 

Why Castlemead Eggs?

Scrambled, fried, poached; however you like yours, we guarantee that Castlemead free-range eggs are fresh, nutritious and top quality.

Castlemead free-rage eggs are produced by happyhens, free to roam the fields side-by-side with the cows. They love to scratch and peck their way across the hillside, ensuring that the eggs they lay are of top quality with sunny yellow yolks and strong shells.

At night the flock returns to their spacious houses to perch without stress with safety from foxes. The eggs are collected twice a day to ensure freshness and are graded and packed onsite.

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