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Traditional Cornish Pasties

We are pleased to be able to offer a range of fine traditional Cornish Pasties from Rowes of Falmouth.

The pasty began over 300 years ago to meet the needs of Cornish tin miners who needed a simple, hearty meal. Meat and vegetables wrapped in a pastry casing made it a very practical lunch (known locally as a ‘Crowst’) as the filling was kept free of dust and soot.

About Rowes

When Rowes opened their first bakery on Falmouth’s high street back in 1949 they had one ambition in mind. To offer exceptional quality at a great price. It was a philosophy that soon grew a loyal following and saw Rowe’s flourish into a household Cornish name.

Today, they still follow this simple approach. Much of the veg and dairy produce is Cornish born and bred, and the potatoes are still delivered by tractor to their door every morning. The meat, wherever possible, is sourced from quality assured Red Tractor British farms.

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